Cherna Moskowitz and Irving Moskowitz giving back

Education advocate and president of the Irving Moskowitz Foundation, Cherna Moskowitz continues her charitable work throughout the Hawaiian Gardens community.  As the president of the foundation, she has demonstrated great support for programs and services enhancing the lives of low-income families living in the city of Hawaiian Gardens, CA.  On an annual basis the foundation donates thousands of dollars to local schools, non- profit organizations, Little League, Pop-Warner, Eagles Soccer Club, Adult Education, and many more.  Cherna Moskowitz has a soft spot for this small city that measures 9/10th’s of a square mile.  She believes that although geographically small, this community has a big heart and it is a place where she can make a difference.  Over the past ten years, the Irving Moskowitz Foundation under the leadership of President Cherna Moskowitz the foundation has partnered with the City of Hawaiian Gardens and has contributed millions of dollars to fund major capital improvement projects such as the Hawaiian Gardens Public Library and Safety Center, and the Fedde Middle School Sports Complex.  These two facilities are one of a kind and were design to meet the needs of the community.  As a supporter and advocate of the youth, Cherna Moskowitz believes that these facilities will now provide hope and a safe haven for the children of this community.

Cherna Moskowitz and the Irving Moskowitz  Foundation are proud to make contributions of this magnitude that will not only improve the City’s capital assets, but most importantly improve the lives of the residents in this community.  Cherna Moskowitz and the Irving Moskowitz Foundation value the importance of enriching the lives of others and will continue to serve where there is need.